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Our fleet consists of recently registered vehicles, all ADR approved and holding all required authorisations required by current national and international laws and regulations.

We directly and indirectly have a fleet of over 40 (Euro 6) vehicles at our disposal, with capacities ranging from 9 to 300 quintals, constantly renewed and updated.

Availability for full loads, reserved vehicles and any pairing to be evaluated according to specific customer requirements.


Over the years we have obtained the quality and safety certifications issued by Certiquality,

confirming the company's commitment to pursuing the optimisation of the benefits arising from the application of the Integrated System.

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We have always been attentive and sensitive to environmental issues. In fact, our vehicles meet the new Euro 6 standards on pollutant emissions

Transport of dangerous goods on behalf of a third-party
Transport of toxic materials
Preparation of security plans under ADR regulations
Special authorisation for boron trifluoride (BF3), ammonia and chlorine
Goods storage service

Autotrasporti Sorosina
on the road for you since 1986



The main asset of our company is our trained and experienced personnel. In addition to the specific driver's license for assigned vehicles, our drivers also hold Professional Driver Training Certificates (ADR license) and are constantly updated and trained with practical exercises.
Safety is a subject closely related to daily activities, especially in a context like that of ADR in which the risks are potentially high. In order to protect the company and its personnel, Autotrasporti Sorosina has invested and continues to invest in training (only real accident prevention system) and the provision of all the personal protective equipment foreseen by law.
These investments, however, may be an end to themselves if they are not guaranteed as a minimum standards; for this reason, the level of safety provided by the company is monitored constantly together with compliance with all regulations by the various subjects. Autotrasporti Sorosina also has a member of staff who is a consultant for Safety in the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Autotrasporti SOROSINA srl
registered office
via Fiume 25 - 24060 Pianico (Bg) Italy
operating headquarters
via Nazionale 28 - 24060 Sovere (Bg) Italy

Ph: +39 035 982868  
Fax: +39 035 4341391

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